by Ross Wright

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"Feathers" is Ross Wright's fifth solo album.


released February 24, 2017

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Ross Wright
Featuring Rachel Pierce on "All the Way Over"
Cover art by Rebekah Rafferty
Cover design by Jared Boggess



all rights reserved


Ross Wright Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Infinite Space
To the one who holds all things together
Hold me together now
Within your borders there's a new kind of freedom
I am freer here somehow

There is infinite space in your arms
Don't let me go, don't let me go

You've never once, never once disappointed
Since my feet left the ground
Hold me tight, hold me up even higher
Don't ever let me down

When I'm feeling like I don't belong
Oh, you say there is room
There is infinite space in your arms
When I feeling like I can't go on
You will carry me
There is infinite space in your arms

When life leaves me empty and I just run
Run til I can't breathe
I'm never too far, not out of your reach

And you would go to any length
(to the ends of the earth)

And I would go to any length
to be in your arms tonight
Track Name: Feathers
Arrows in flight to my heart tonight
Darkness rising from the shadow side
Shelter me now from the wind and rain
Save me right now from myself again
Here's your child, can you hear me sing

Heart so tired and you cover me
Grace so wide like a covering
In your wings I am set free from the fetters
Hold me tight til the world can't see me for the feathers

Blessing come down every time I praise
Mercy pour out every time I stray
I know you won't fall from the true and just
I know I won't fall when I'm in your love
Here's your son, can you hear him singing

Right now, right now

Heart so tired and you cover me
Grace so wide like a covering
Hold me tight, what'll be will be
Track Name: Shadow Side
Thorn in your side
You've pried, can't get it any way you've tried
You know heartache, the hell
Oh the stories you tell

Oh, you got a shadow side?
Well, it means you're human
And we're dark and we're light, we pretend and we hide
Oh, you got a shadow side?
Well, it means you're living
And we hope and we pray
Just to find the grace to be forgiven

Trying to drown the sound
Coming from the upside down
The beautiful noise, oh it destroys
Gets louder when you to avoid

It's the darkness calling
The upside down, the shadow side

And I'm not gonna try to fix you
So long as you don't try to fix me
I'm just gonna be here
I'm gonna be right here
Track Name: The Living Water
You have called me out, see right through
Cut to the core
You invite me in out of the blue
Into your ocean

Heart of my youth, now let it beat again
For the living water
Beat like a drum
Fill my lungs, now let me breathe again
Oh, the living water
Drown me in love

Even if I stay, you're never safe
You beckon me, live
Would I leave the shore for what I wanted more
Cut to the core

Now I thirst more than ever
Now I thirst no more
Track Name: Something to Believe In
Let me speak my thoughts out of endless faults
I just need some confirmation
Wanna feel some kinda foundation
Underneath my feet, dignify my plea
Could you make sense of this moment, could you set me free?

Singin' out I...
Need something to believe in
I need to hear a word, I need to see a light
Cause it's just too dark tonight and I just can't get it right

Can you chase it down, trace it now
I don't know if I'm right or way wrong
I don't know if I even belong
Are we family? Is it just skin deep?
Could you make sense of this blood that's running cold in me?
Track Name: Airplane Song
I've heard it said the soul
Doesn't always go as fast as we do
Sometimes you gotta slow your roll
Sometimes you gotta let your soul catch up with you

I'm going on an airplane ride
I'm gonna get away get away for awhile
And I don't care where I touch down
As long as I land with a smile (open hands and a smile)
I'm letting the world pass by
I'm bidding my soul reside
I'm going on an airplane ride

The child loves the land
Let's go of his mother's hand to run free
But when the thunder rolls the sky
The child runs back to hide in the shadow of her wings

Oh, restore
What I am to what you are now
Hold me close
I don't ever need to get too far now
Surround me in the lonely places

(I will sing a new song, I will sing a new song)

Take hold of my heart, take hold of my heart
You promised you won't, you promised you won't let go
Track Name: All the Way Over
Feels like you're starting me all the way over

Mercies are new every morning
And your love is sure 'neath my feet
You are the author of second chances
And you've written so many second ones for me

There is no end to your goodness
There is no ceiling to your grace
Let my mouth overflow with praises
Til I raise the ceiling off this place

Down for the count, thought I was done
Lights out, then I felt burning in my lungs
Past in the past, eyes to the sun
Just begun, and it feels like...

Oh, the enemy held me captive
Turned them to stone, turned them to stone
But you made a promise, stood in for me
Went out alone, went out alone
In the bonds of my treason on the table you were tied
Left there to die
But the magic runs deeper, winter's gone off to hide
Now you're alive

You're starting me over, you're starting me over
From my head to my toes, from my head to my toes
You're starting me over
To the left, to the right, the voice inside
Saying "this is the way,
this is the way, walk in it"

Heart in pieces, lost on the sea
But a fire's still burning, somewhere in the deep
Eyes open and I start to breathe
Feel the pulse so start the beat
Was lost and alone as a sheep could be
But you went out for the one and the one was me
And my redemption it came like a spring
Let me jump from the bricks, let me taste and see
Dance and sing, take a chance and pray
It's been a long time, let me seize the day
Cause the sun is up higher than a man can aim
And this gift is too great for any man to claim
And a love too wondrous for me to say
So you might as well turn me up all the way
With every next step, every valley deep
Every silver lining and every gold street
Every door open for my wayward feet
And every heart broken into little pieces
you are the author and this I know
Time to drop the pen cause you're in control
You're starting me over, it's new years eve
And my heart gonna praise you with every last beat